John Hanifin Releases New Single, “Stop, Drop & Roll”

Introducing “Stop, Drop & Roll” – John Hanifin’s Latest Masterpiece

Singer-songwriter John Hanifin has once again raised the bar with his latest release, the moody and soulful single “Stop, Drop & Roll.” As The Prelude Press attests, this track finds Hanifin blending vibrant electronic pop with a timeless, emotive vocal performance, showcasing his evolution as an artist and his mastery of creative songwriting.

Positive Reception from Music Media Outlets

With a rich tapestry of sound that includes a guitar hook honed over years of practice, a vocoder, cello, and a retro synth, “Stop, Drop & Roll” has been described by The Prelude Press as a testament to Hanifin’s imaginative approach to production. Caesar Live N Loud calls this single a “chilled out piece of Contemporary R&B,” the ideal soundtrack for a relaxing and introspective journey.

Roadie Music’s review of the track paints an even more vivid picture, describing it as a sensual experience, “like sailing through the curves of the ardent body of our loved one, being dominated by pleasures and emotions modeled with guitar notes, synthesizers, cello, and the tempting vocals that narrate the message with all the sensuality in the world.” With such powerful language, it’s no wonder that “Stop, Drop & Roll” has garnered positive coverage from media outlets such as The Prelude Press, Caesar Live N Loud, antiMusic, Roadie Music, and The Honey Pop.

The single has also found a place on playlists on Spotify, curated by Zone Nights, Nagamag, and Roadie Music, among others. Hanifin, who has a reputation for his distinctive sound and imaginative style, is no stranger to the music scene, having released numerous successful albums and singles in the past.

Available on Major Streaming Platforms

As “Stop, Drop & Roll” becomes available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, listeners can immerse themselves in the introspective and moody world of John Hanifin’s music. Get ready to be transported by Hanifin’s soulful performance, and experience the creative brilliance that makes his music so memorable.