Debut Album “CLEAN HOUSE” Out Now!

John Hanifin’s debut album, “Clean House,” has finally arrived, and it’s an unparalleled masterpiece that weaves together classical and contemporary influences to create an auditory journey like no other.

RocDaFuqOut Reviews “Clean House”

Thanks to RocDaFuqOut, we can fully appreciate the sheer musical talent that Hanifin possesses, and their review of the album doesn’t disappoint. With its wavy synths, sectioned background vocals, old-school electric guitar chord progressions, and cello pizzicatos, “Clean House” is the ultimate synthesis of Hanifin’s classical training and his cutting-edge approach to music.

7 Impressive Tracks

This album boasts seven impressive tracks, each highlighting Hanifin’s range and versatility as a musician. “Lie & Truth” sets the tone for the album with its haunting melody and intricate instrumentation, while “Unremarkably Remarkable” picks up the pace with its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus. “Stop, Drop & Roll” is a standout track, demonstrating Hanifin’s talent for crafting infectious hooks. “Undo Our Undoing” slows things down with its introspective lyrics and haunting vocals, before “Fenway” bursts onto the scene with its energetic beats and soaring melodies. “Chance On You” is a beautifully crafted love song, highlighting Hanifin’s romantic side, and the album closes with “Crossroads,” a collaboration with DSharp that brings the album to a triumphant finish.

Critical Acclaim for John Hanifin’s Singles

Not only has Hanifin received critical acclaim for his singles “Fenway” and “Unremarkably Remarkable,” but he has also captured the attention of industry heavyweights, including Somos Grandes, FusioNostalgia, and brulipe, all of whom have added his tracks to their playlists. Reviews for “Chance On You” have also been incredibly positive, with Roadie Music and Zone Nights raving about its “fresh alternative sound” and praising its melody.

But Hanifin’s music isn’t just catching the attention of industry insiders. “Unremarkably Remarkable” has been making waves on social media, with Buzz Slayers giving it an Instagram shout-out and La Caverna calling it “full of feeling.” The song has also been included on the TOP HITS OF 2023 playlist, and Gas Mask Magazine recently reviewed it, calling it an “upbeat, pop track with a catchy chorus and an encouraging message.” Chune Desk and Keep Walking Music have also given the song a shout-out, while Roadie Music hailed it as a “great request for those who enjoy a softer and well-produced sound.”

Clean House Tracklist:

1. Lie & Truth 

2. Unremarkably Remarkable

3. Stop, Drop & Roll

4. Undo Our Undoing 

5. Fenway

6. Chance On You

7. Crossroads ft. DSharp

“Clean House” Now Available

If you’re looking for musical innovation and creativity, then “Clean House” is a must-listen. Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of John Hanifin’s unique blend of classical and contemporary influences, available now on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.